Funding Available For Anti-Smoking Projects


Grants Available in Clarksville Area:

Given the importance of tobacco use as an influence on the health of communities and given the fact that we have not received any requests for funding in the area of curtailing or preventing tobacco use, the Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation is making funding available for projects aimed at controlling the widespread prevalence of smoking in Clarksville-Montgomery county and surrounding areas. We are prioritizing tobacco use projects by making funds available in an amount of up to a total of $100,000 for evidence based* projects aimed at eliminating smoking as an adverse health behavior in the Clarksville-Montgomery County community area.

Smoking as a behavior is the health factor that has the highest influence on the health of a community.

Having fewer health care providers (doctors, nurses) has less influence on the health of a community than smoking does; the same is the case with many other health factors.


This graph shows how strongly different factors influence health


(Data from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute).


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