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How to Apply


Before applying, please be sure to read our Principles and Application Guidelines!


Apply by email

Apply by using one of the following formats of our Application form linked below.  PLEASE NOTE: EMAILED APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY CLOSE OF BUSINESS (5PM) ON THE DUE DATE.  NO APPLICATIONS MAY BE SLID UNDER THE OFFICE DOOR OR MAILED.  If you do not have computer or internet access in which to send your application then you must have it in our office BEFORE the due date.

Any of these formats can then be emailed to: with any supporting documents.

1. Google Doc (accessible for gmail users)

2. Word Document

*Please note that if you do use a Word Document format, you MUST still answer all the questions that are asked.


Please note these requirements:

  • The Outcomes/Expectations Report must be included WITH your application.  Health outcomes for your project should be specific and measurable (ex: 25 people will quit smoking), not vague or general.  You should also explain HOW you will measure outcomes. That form can be emailed to the Grant Coordinator at  If you need clarification, the “Outputs & Outcomes with Examples” link below can help. The Outcomes/Expectations Report form must then also be completed at the end of your grant cycle to report how your goals were achieved.  A PDF version of the report is below.
  • IF you are re-applying before your current contract period has finished and before your follow-up report would be due, you MUST give a summary of how your goals are being met THUS far before you will be approved for another grant.
  • 501c3 documentation must be less than 10 years old.
  • Provide clear financials: the budget for the project and overall organization budget.  A 990 and/or audited financial statement may also be requested at the Grant Coordinator’s discretion.
  • Provide a list of your Board members and a bio of any persons administering the program and responsible for the grant money.
  • You must review your application for spelling and grammar errors.

The grant application will be evaluated by committee members who are responsible for making recommendations to the board. The grants are due to the Foundation (in our office) no later than May 1st and November 1st each year. The Grant Coordinator will contact the applicant if any questions arise during the evaluation process.  For May 1st applications a Board of Directors vote will be at the July meeting.  For  November 1st applications a Board of Directors vote will be at the January meeting.  Letters of intent will be mailed shortly after these votes.



If, or when an applicant or grantee contacts a board member of the Clarksville-Montgomery Community Health Foundation with questions about the grant processes, seeking support and/or advice specific to their grant, etc. they shall be informed that the CMCCHF’s Process and Procedure requires grant specific communication to go through the CMCCHF Grant Coordinator, Sarah Schwartz (

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