Final Report

Grant recipients must submit a final report detailing the progress made in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the grant. This progress report is due ONE month after the contract ends AND BEFORE RE-APPLYING for another grant*.  It should also include supporting financial statements that account for how the grant funds were spent.

Photos of the project are also required when a grant recipient submits their report. Submit this photo release form along with the follow-up report and photos ONE month after the contract ends.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are submitting an application for a new grant year while you are still under contract for your current grant, a progress report (including financials) must be submitted to show positive progress with the current funding.

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Press or Media

Any publicity or news release concerning specific grants should be cleared with Janet Haase, Grants Manager, before publication. The inclusion of Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation’s name in a listing of annual supporters is appreciated and requested in the contract.


Thank you for your interest in the health of this community and for being interested in improving it by using grant monies.

You may communicate with us through our Grants Manager: