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The Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Tennessee on February 3, 2006, as a Public Benefit Corporation.  CMCCHF’s purpose is to work exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes designed and carried on to promote the general health of the residents of the City of Clarksville, the County of Montgomery, the five surrounding counties of Northern Middle Tennessee (Stewart, Houston, Dickson, Cheatham, Robertson), and Fort Campbell, KY.  

Following the model of the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps program, the CMCCHF has decided to focus funding on two major areas: Health Behavior projects that are evidence-based and Clinical Care projects that are outcome-based.  The Health Behavior area focus includes Diet and Exercise, Sexual Activity and Substance Use (alcohol, drugs, tobacco).  The Clinical Care area focus includes Access to Care and Quality of Care.  Requests addressing these issues will be given priority in funding decisions.  These areas and topics will be central to all public relations materials and presentations.

It is vital that all requests for funding have projects that demonstrate measurable health outcomes for our community.

The Foundation will not conduct projects.  The function is to fund the implementation of projects judged by us likely to meet the goals set forth in the application and that fall within CMCCHF’s purpose as stated above.

If a grant is approved, the requesting organization will certify by contract they are not planning to use any part of the grant to influence legislation, election or voter registration drive. The requesting organization will certify that they:

– will not fund or pay for individual travel, study or support.
– will not fund newsletters, magazines, tickets to charitable events or dinners.
– will not fund disease-specific organizations for national projects and programs.
– will not sponsor special events, productions, telethons, performances or similar fundraising and advertising activities.

Exceptions may be considered for approved educational venues.

The Foundation will not fund churches and religious organizations for projects that primarily benefit their own members (exception: church-based programs with broad community support and separate financial statements with the use of a separate set of books and a separate advisory board.)

The Foundation will not award grants for the purchase or acquisition of real property.  This includes building funds, mortgages, etc.

The requesting organization should be able to demonstrate a broad base of financial support for a proposed grant from its own community and constituency prior to asking for support from the Foundation. Requests for start-up projects may be considered for new initiatives that address important, unmet community needs and that demonstrate a potential for ongoing operational support from other sources.

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