Who We Fund

Areas to Apply for Grant

Applicants may submit a project proposal in one of the four following areas:

  1. Health Behavior
  2. Clinical Care
  3. Built Environment
  4. Social and Economic Factors
  • All grants are awarded for one year.
  • Applicants may submit multiple grant applications for distinct, individual projects within the same grant cycle.
  • Applicants may also resubmit a project that was successfully awarded in one grant cycle in subsequent grant cycles, if they can also show proof of positive outcomes from their last grant.
  • The CMC Community Health Foundation does not want to fund the same project for more than 5 years. If an application is received for a project that has already received funds for 5 years, it will be considered AFTER all other applications. In addition, the organization will need to show

(1) they meet a unique need no one else in the community provides;
(2) they have increased other funding support substantially over the last 5 years while decreasing their dependence on the CMC Community Foundation; and
(3) they have consistently met and exceeded their outcome goals.

If two or more projects address the same health area and/or beneficiaries, preference is given:

  1. to the strongest application;
  2. to new projects/programs over previously awarded projects, given that the application was stronger; and
  3. to organizations with board member(s) with residency in cities and counties listed in our mission

Who/What We Do NOT Fund

  • Any organization without an IRS Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit designation
  • Political campaigns or lobbying efforts
  • Organizations proposing projects whose beneficiaries are outside of our geographic service area (City of Clarksville, County of Montgomery, the five contiguous counties of Northern Middle Tennessee, and Fort Campbell, Kentucky)
  • Fundraisers (events for the purpose of revenue generation)
  • Any travel, purchases of goods or services, or other expenses that do not explicitly support the fulfillment of the grant proposal.
  • Loans or debt
  • Taxes and benefits for employees and liability insurance.
  • Purchase of land, real estate, other capital expenses or the funding of capital projects that have not secured a letter of support from the city or county government, that are not for the explicit transfer of the deed/ownership to the city or county government upon the sale of the property or land, AND the agreement between the applicant and the respective city/county government to execute a Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)
  • Advertising. We only fund marketing initiatives that are tied to measurable outcomes for community health improvement.
  • National projects where the funds will be used to benefit individuals outside of the geographic service area (City of Clarksville, County of Montgomery, the five contiguous counties of Northern Middle Tennessee, and Fort Campbell, Kentucky)
  • Food unless it is used for the purpose of health education.
  • Grants for research purposes only
  • Grants for planning purposes only
  • Grants for renovations of offices or buildings or clinic/building set up.
  • Grants to fund the general operations of an organization, specifically funding any activity not explicitly described in the grant application (project proposal).

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