Before applying, please be sure to read
our Requirements!

Application deadlines are May 1st and November 1st

*All APPLICANTS MUST contact the Grants Manager prior to submitting an application.


Ready to Apply

Step 1: Download our Application Tutorial. Understand the differences of outputs vs outcomes.

Step 2: 🛑Stop!!!!  If you would like to apply for a Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation grant, you must first contact our Grants Manager, Whitney Crandall at (931) 896-2778 or email, to discuss your proposal. The grant application will only be made available following the meeting. Applicants are encouraged to begin the process well before the deadline to allow enough time to complete the application.

         PLEASE NOTE:

        • The EARLIER you apply, the more opportunity for feedback, help and even visits from our Grants Manager.  This refers to ALL projects and applicants.  Avoid waiting until the last minute!
        • You MUST answer all the questions that are asked.
        • Emailed Applications MUST BE RECEIVED by close of business (5PM) on the due date.
          • If you do not have computer or internet access in which to send your application, then you must have it in our office BEFORE the due date.

       Step 3: Complete your application, which will be provided after you meet with our Grants Manager. Save your application file.

Step 4: Prepare all supporting documents to submit with your application.

Final Step: Double check all items are complete & meet all requirements. Once completed, email your final application and supporting documents to by the deadline.



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